Thursday, December 4, 2008

All of Amazon on your iPhone

Simplified searching and purchasing Amazon products are the hallmark of this free iPhone outlet to Amazon's Internet store. If you're a registered member, you can view your shopping cart and items you flagged online. From that view or from a search results page, you can quickly purchase new items using Amazon Prime, 1-Click, or any credit cards associated with your account.

A new, 'experimental' feature, Amazon Remembers, works much like the free iPhone application SnapTell to photograph any item to jog your memory later, and to further attempt to link that item to a product in Amazon's extensive catalog. If you use it, it's a powerful sales tool that also saves you some busy work--though it could save you more if you were able to purchase the product directly from the result page and not just add it to your wish list.

Amazon Mobile is a great application overall for regular Amazon shoppers to make purchases on the go from a clean mobile interface. It wouldn't hurt for future versions to let you flag items to peruse offline (especially if you're a thorough reader of reviews), or browse categories rather than search. Most people may go directly to the search bar, but those options should be available.

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